The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program

What’s Included In The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program?

By joining during pregnancy, you’ll have the benefit of personalised guidance as you approach your estimated due date with support from Ayoe Ingemann Lai, certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator and her team of Thompson Method experts. At such a precious time in your life, you’ll feel reassured and empowered as you prepare for your birth and breastfeeding journey.

Here’s what’s included:

Lifetime access to The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program including all Thompson Method Program Bonuses.

LIVE Group Sessions personally guiding you through every step of the program.

Interactive ‘Ask a Midwife’ (Zoom Calls) with Dr Robyn and her expert team of midwives. Ask questions, seek a professional opinion and guidance as you create your unique birth and breastfeeding plan.

Breastfeeding Room. LIVE Group Support when your baby arrives to help with fine-tuning to address any early breastfeeding pain and offer much needed emotional support.

Personalised guidance to create your unique birth plan. Step-by-step guidance as you discover what’s most important to you.

Lifetime membership to the Breastfeeding Club with 24/7 guidance and support. Once you’ve given birth to your baby, it doesn’t end there! You’ll have the continued benefit of 24/7 guidance and support in our private members-only community, The Breastfeeding Club.

Here at The Thompson Method, we believe in making gentle breastfeeding education accessible to women around the world.

That’s why we’re proud to offer our personalized, Beautiful Breastfeeding Program to you.

Your Baby, Your Body, Your Way…

Problems with breastfeeding are common.

With a hospital system that is overloaded and under pressure, combined with all the well-meaning people around you (who frankly, all have a different opinion) giving you advice (often unasked for) it is no wonder you may be feeling overwhelmed about your impending birth and breastfeeding journey.

The best news? It doesn’t have to be this way.

You have a whole support network waiting to walk by your side on your journey towards gentle, pain-free breastfeeding.

The World Has Radically Changed in The Last Few Years, And Expecting Mothers Are Feeling More Alone Than Ever…

With ongoing restrictions in place, it’s harder than ever for expecting mothers to build a supportive community around them during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys.

For many women, they’re confronted with the reality of attending appointments alone, while being bombarded with information, scary statistics, and a whole lot of pressure to do the “right” thing by their baby…

Unfortunately, our hospital systems do not offer the guidance and support women need at such a precious time in their lives (and it can be hard to find community and support when we’re so isolated from others).

That’s where we come in…

Here at the Thompson Method, we understand community matters in this special journey and that is why we designed the Beautiful Breastfeeding Program.

We’re proud to offer a range of personalized support options, both within your local community and online… so wherever you are in the world, you can access a safe, supportive space for you and your baby.

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The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program

The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program is a face-to-face, comprehensive, and consistent guide to birth and breastfeeding that combines all the information and experience in the Thompson Method, with gentle guidance and support from Ayoe Ingemann Lai, certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator so you can start implementing straight away.

With The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program, you’ll never be left on your own to “figure it out”!

We’re here to help you every step of the way.

You’ll be supported by Ayoe through every step of your journey. Not only that, but she will have access to a team of experienced experts and midwives, so you’ll never be left wondering if you’re getting the right information.

For Canadian customers, please e-transfer CAD$249 to

For International customers please use button below ($259 CAD):

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This Program Is for Women Who:

Would like an inclusive and supportive space to learn about birth and breastfeeding

Have previously experienced pain or complications and want to avoid it next time round

Would like to feel confident that their baby is being well nourished without the fear of low milk volume

Would like a sense of community and more personalized support and guidance

Are passionate about breastfeeding

Want to be fully prepared for pain-free breastfeeding

Want to feel empowered and in control of their labour, birth & breastfeeding journey (even in the event of a planned or emergency c-section)

Would like to learn how to advocate for themselves & give their baby the best possible start to breastfeeding

When you join you will receive step-by-step guidance through the Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program, by Ayoe Ingemann Lai, certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator who will provide you with everything you need to be fully prepared and confident for your beautiful breastfeeding journey.

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The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program will:

Provide you with personalised guidance through the Thompson Method education from Ayoe Ingemann Lai, certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator

Teach you how to establish pain-free breastfeeding from the very first breastfeed

Assist in avoiding or overcoming painful nipples with early breastfeeding

Answer all your breastfeeding questions

Guide you towards creating your own unique birth plan using The Thompson Method birth plan template

Help you reduce your risk of medical intervention, such as ‘unnecessary’ induction of labour

Help you reduce your risk of painful nipple trauma, breast engorgement and mastitis

Teach you and your partner how the hospital system works and how to best navigate it

Provide a sense of community support to know and feel that you’re not alone in your journey.

With a supportive community and 24/7 guidance for any challenges you might face, you can feel confident at every stage of your breastfeeding journey. 

If you are already a member of The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Club and you wish to join The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program with Ayoe Ingemann Lai, certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator, please use the button below to register.

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Next session:

Thursdays March 14th, 28th, April 4th and 11th at 9am.

Zoom link will be sent to you after registration is complete.


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