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Creating Great Health – A South Surrey & White Rock Holistic Doula & Energy Healing Practice

“Imagine that you have just given birth to your baby. You are exhausted but relieved, you feel pain but also joy. You have emotions come up that you didn’t even know you had in you and you have a big smile on your face as tears run down your cheeks.

You have done it! You birthed your baby in your own unique way.

Everyone present with you and your baby are supportive, have a calming effect on you, love you, and believe in you and your strength.

You are amazing and you have created a miracle with the birth of your baby.

During the birthing time you felt listened to and included in every decision made. You felt calm and relaxed knowing that you are in the best hands. It was ok for you to ask questions and to change your mind if something didn’t feel right for you. You were confident with your choices and your birthing team assisted you in your birthing time in the best way possible.

You felt supported in doing birth your way.”

Ayoe - Holistic Doula & Energy Healing

I Am here for you

My goal is to provide you with the best birthing experience possible.

My goal as your Holistic Doula is to provide you with the best birthing experience possible. I work with you during pregnancy to establish a great foundation for the upcoming birth. Together we figure out how you would like the birth to happen and I will work with the rest of your birthing team to help you achieve your unique birth. Knowing that birth is unpredictable and ever changing, we will discuss various situations where we might need to adjust our expectations to the birth. This still means that you need to feel safe, supported and included. We are going to accommodate as many of your wishes for your birth as we possibly can. I will also be there to support you after the birth of your baby with breastfeeding, connecting with your baby, healing on all levels and share resources with you.

I’m looking forward to working with you. Connect with me via and let’s have a chat.

Love and Light