Below are some testimonials I have received from my doula and energy healing clients. I offer holistic doula and energy healing services in South Surrey & White Rock, BC.

I will be forever grateful to Ayoe for being my doula during my pregnancy and labour. I truly believe that Ayoe’s guidance facilitated the successful natural delivery of my baby.
Ayoe was very helpful in encouraging me and giving me advise on remaining positive and visualizing my intentions for this birth. As a result, I was able to feel confident in myself to be able to deliver my baby naturally and safely.
During my labour Ayoe was an integral part of my support system. From the exercises that Ayoe showed me to get the baby into an ideal position to energy healing during my contractions and for my other bodily aches through to guided breathing to gradually encourage my baby to move downwards, Ayoe was the major force that helped me have a successful birthing experience.
I appreciate Ayoe’s supportive role before, during, and after the birth of my child. I truly believe that I had such a successful labour and delivery greatly in part to Ayoe. I am grateful to have gone through this experience with her. I would highly recommend Ayoe as a doula to anyone. 

Doula client, Jennifer, Surrey

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had Ayoe as part of my birth team. I achieved my goal of having a non-medicated VBAC, and feel that Ayoe was a huge support to me in times when I felt ready to give up. She played an active role leading up to and during the birth in many ways such as energy healing, being a source of emotional support, relieving discomfort, and helping me to find positions to encourage a speedy labour. She knew exactly what to say to get my head in the game and she showed my husband how to play an active and supportive role to which he is very grateful. Ayoe allowed me to feel safe in such a vulnerable experience and met me with compassion and patience, all of which makes me look back on my VBAC as the most challenging, rewarding, and rich experience of my life.

Doula client, Margaret, Surrey

I’m really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. I normally would’ve made a thousand excuses why I couldn’t attend the training, but I couldn’t be happier that I took ‘the leap’!
I really learned a lot and am excited to be closing the past ‘story’ of my life and starting a whole new one! I feel invigorated and am eagerly looking forward to all that is to come! I feel like my creative side has been opened up and things are starting to flow again – whatever was blocking it for the last few years has finally been released!
Thank you Ayoe

Level 1 student Natasha, Surrey

Ayoe is a very gifted individual with an amazing gift, which she shares through Bio-Energy Healing.  Her work with Bio-Energy has created a lot of awareness in me.  From a physical perspective, my posture has improved and I feel more aware of my balance. Better weight distribution in my feet and alignment of my spine as a result, have helped me feel more balanced in my daily life.  During treatments I felt incredibly relaxed and at ease in the warm, welcoming environment which Ayoe creates.  Afterwards, I felt refreshed, rested and energetic similar to the sensation after a good night of sleep!  Her ability to hold space and create awareness is unique and remarkable.

Ingrid, Vancouver

Always experienced a boost in energy and enthusiasm following a treatment!

Deighen, Vancouver

Before my sessions with Ayoe I had two ongoing physical problems: a reoccurring knee pain that was sporadic but not too painful, and a strained neck muscle that I was seeing a chiropractor for. I had never heard of Bio-Energy Healing before so was keen to learn more about it but also didn’t know what to expect.

After the third session I fell while skiing and separated my shoulder. Because of this Ayoe recommended extra sessions before the final follow-up session. Out of my three injuries treated over the course of the sessions I would say that I saw the most improvement in my neck, which was also previously treated by a chiropractor with no results. My neck pain had disappeared completely by the fifth session. My separated shoulder continues to improve as well as my knee pain.

The main benefit I felt from the bio-energy sessions would have to be towards stress and relaxation. After sessions I would return home in the evening noticeably more relaxed and free from most of the day’s stress. For this alone I would recommend bio-energy healing to others.”

Evan, Vancouver

After the Bio-Energy work my body feels lighter, more open and clearer. I am more aware of my breathing and take deeper breaths. My mind feels clearer and I am able to sort through my thoughts easier.”

Elizabeth, West Vancouver

I did not have any expectations coming into the sessions, other than being open to a new healing experience. I found the first session, in particular to be quite dramatic in terms of the physical effects during the treatment. I have done Reiki in the past and thought that I might feel similar sensations, but did not expect that I would feel much. Quite quickly into the first treatment, I noticed that the sensations were quite strong – much stronger than I had experienced with Reiki. Although Ayoe was not touching me, I could feel where she was working even though I had my eyes closed. I also felt movement being created in my body. My body has moved in a similar way during meditation, so it was a bit familiar to me, but I did not expect that it would happen when I was standing in the treatment, and to such a degree. I have since noticed that during my seated meditation sessions, my body goes to that similar movement quite quickly, and with more ease than before my treatments. I have also noticed different areas in my body moving that previously did not move – almost as if those areas have now been opened up. I can feel the energy working it’s way through my chakras much more now, which is probably one of the most noticeable effects of my treatment. After each session, I noticed that I felt relaxed yet energized. Previous to my sessions, I was feeling quite sluggish, and I felt that the sessions removed that sluggishness. Overall, I have also felt that my stress level has decreased and that I have been able to have a slightly more positive outlook on life.

I will definitely recommend this treatment to others in the future.

Tara, Vancouver

I feel far less stress and I believe others see this as well. I continue to feel that my energy level is high and I sleep very well.”

Robert, Vancouver

The experience working with Ayoe was extremely pleasurable. At the time of my first session I had been experiencing headaches and tension in my lower back.  After the second session these aliments disappeared.  Throughout the sessions I would have a feeling of calmness come over me and often I would feel sensations of heat and cold that were very powerful. The benefits I received through my sessions with Ayoe were subtle yet powerful. I have noticed a more positive attitude in my life and as a result less stress. I seem to have developed an attitude of always seeing the best in any situation and trusting that things will be well. As I am a Yoga teacher myself I know this, but it is not always easy to accept everything life throws at you.  I have noticed a feeling of calmness and happiness becoming more prevalent in my life. I would definitely recommend Ayoe for her kind understanding nature, which allows the client to feel safe, secured, not judged and protected which is so important when opening up oneself to any form of healing.

I would highly recommend her as a practitioner and wish her well in her healings and her career.

Stephanie, North Vancouver