Ayoe’s first book about healing is now available on Amazon.

The book is titled:

Heal your body, fix your car and how to get a baby out.

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Do you sometimes wake up feeling angry, sad or powerless, and wondering what to do with this thing called Life, that seems like an endless pile of things you are trying to figure out?

Wherever you are on your life path, there is room for learning and growing. In this book, you will dig deeper into the adventures that life has to offer and learn a few things along the way, including: how to say sorry, dealing with people who annoy you, dealing with the twists and turns of pregnancy, scheduling sex, being your own best friend, and how to let go of control—just a few of the lessons that holistic energy healing practitioner Ayoe Lai has learned so far on her own life journey.

Ayoe has developed tools to help you move forward within each chapter, dealing with specific struggles in everyday life. You will be challenged and encouraged to adjust your belief systems at your own pace.

Ayoe provides personal stories of learning and includes you in her traumatic experiences and powerful successes. Her gentle insights into healing your body, fixing your car, and getting a baby out will make you laugh, cry, and jump for joy, while also learning to step outside of your comfort zone and live your life to its fullest potential.

Heal your body, fix your car and how to get a baby out. is available on: as Paperback and Kindle version as Paperback and Kindle version

Praise for the book

A personal and positive story about accepting who you are and becoming who you want to be. Ayoe tells her story in a very personal way with a large portion of humour. It’s a little bit like listening to a good friend, that gives you advice, comforts you and make you smile at the same time. She gives the reader an interesting view on her journey, struggles, highlights and experiences.

I really enjoyed this book, it was a refreshing read! The author is down-to-earth and showed vulnerabilities by sharing personal situations, how she got through them, and what she learned about herself and life along the way. Many of us can relate to a lot of what is discussed in this book.

First things first, this isn’t the kind of book I normally read. But I am so glad that I stumbled across it! I can honestly say that I will go back to the book again and again. I’ve already read it cover to cover, but there are certain parts that really resonated with me now. I imagine at different seasons of my life, different sections will be exactly what I need to read.

The book is incredibly easy to navigate, and I think the chapters are easy to digest. I tried to read them in different sittings so that I could really process the words and focus on the chapter challenges. However, you could certainly read more at once.

My favorite section was one on shifting your mindset and energy to one of service. Asking “how may I serve?” is such an important lens to use when you feel tugged in too many directions, and it was exactly what I needed to read right now. The author’s style and sincerity make it such an enjoyable read; I honestly felt like I was listening to a good friend share the wisdom that I didn’t know I needed but was so happy to get.