By doing affirmations every day, it is possible to raise the vibrations of your energy to a higher level as well as creating what you wish for in life.
The trick is to create a statement that is positive and explains what it is you want to achieve.

An example is: “I am creating great health”. This statement is great because it explains what you want.
If you say: “I have great health”, it is harder for you to believe in it, especially if you are in some sort of pain, and it just states that you already have it versus creating it for yourself.

In this video I will show you how to do the affirmations to get the best results.
Some simply place their hand on their heart while saying the affirmations, however I believe, that is not sufficient enough to really get great results.

To get the message through to your whole body, mind and spirit, all of you must participate in the affirmation dance.
This is how I do it:

In this video I use the affirmation: “I love my beautiful body, and accept it every day”. I have been using this one since I had my baby and wanted to loose my pregnancy weight 🙂

There are lots of affirmation you can use, depending on what you wish for in your life.

Here are some examples:

“I practice being present”
“I love my life”
“I am creating the perfect job”

Think about what you wish for and create your affirmations based on that.

Personal Pendulum

Using your personal pendulum is an amazing tool that you can use every day.