To book a free 15 min. initial appointment for doula services, please contact Ayoe at

I offer two packages for pregnant people and their families. Both packages are catered to the individual client depending on their needs. 

What do you, as a client get out of working with me:

  • A free 15 min initial consultation to determine if we are a great fit.
  • Learning to manifest what you want during pregnancy, birthing time and post partum.
  • Feeling confident and capable knowing your options in order to make educated decisions.
  • Release any fears and anxieties that may arise before, during or after birthing.
  • Energy Healing, as well as other techniques, as pain relief during birthing time (also supporting hypnosis mamas).
  • Relaxation tools to use at home.
  • Emotional support post partum for a full year (with the post partum package).
  • Customized treatments to suit your individual needs for support.

If you resonate with the below statements, we would be a great fit.

  • Pregnant person who believe in a holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.
  • One who recognizes the importance of an extra birth partner during this special time and who values the emotional support that another woman (with her own birthing experiences) can provide.
  • One who wants growth and ongoing guidance before and after the birth of their baby.
  • Knowing that it takes a village and that we are not meant to be doing this alone. No one can be supermom all the time.

Pregnancy and birthing package $2500

Includes 6 sessions prior to birthing to clear fear, anxiety and to do the work necessary to prepare for the birthing time. One session will be with the birth partner as they are a big part of your life and might also have some concerns they wish to address and be clear about before the baby arrives.

The sessions will be a combination of Bio-Energy Healing, Cord cutting, DNA activation, Crystals, Aromatherapy, Meditations, Creative visualizations etc.
After each session there will be some exercises, I call them “home fun”, to work on between sessions.

The birthing time. When the birthing time starts, I will be available via phone and later at your home or other preferred birthing place to support you and your partner emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and practically. After your baby has arrived I will be present for 1-2 hours after to make sure you are doing great and have what you need on all levels. I will bring a unique candle specially made for you and your baby to burn during the birthing time and after. I also make a crystal grid to support the energy in the room where the birth takes place. 

Post partum package $3400

Includes 17 sessions over the course of a full year. I will come to your home for the first month for the first 4 sessions (once per week). Then 2 sessions in the 2nd and 3rd month (each), and from there, 1 session per month till baby turns 1.

The sessions will be a combination of Bio-Energy Healing, Cord cutting, DNA activation, Crystals, Aromatherapy, Meditations, Creative visualizations, help with breastfeeding and baby care as needed.

I will mainly focus on mom and the emotional aspect of the post partum period, but also baby if there is anything of concern.

I see the need for this ongoing support after your baby is born because a lot of times new moms are left to their own devises, having to figure it all out on their own. I believe in the value of this continuous support on all levels to prevent post partum depression, low energy and the goal is to give guidance and empower the new mom (and partner) on their journey, so they can enjoy the time with their new baby.

I am looking very much forward to serving you and your baby on this amazing and beautiful journey.

Love and Light

Get both packages together and save $400. Total cost $5500.